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Traumatic brain injuries inflict serious harm on victims

The trauma that a person may suffer when they are involved in a fall, car accident or other incident can vary from practically nonexistent to fatal. This is especially true when a person suffers an injury to their head. While some head injuries result in minor bruises or scrapes, others may inflict serious damage on the victims' skulls and brains.

Injuries to victims' brains are often termed traumatic brain injuries. These injuries can be caused by impact injuries, such as a victim's head hitting a steering wheel or windshield. They may also be caused by penetration injuries, such as the penetration of posts, bullets or other foreign objects into victims' brain tissue.

A minor TBI may result in a victim experiencing a concussion. A concussion may cause a victim to temporarily lose consciousness and suffer some coordination or memory problems. Minor concussions often resolve without lasting problems for victims.

However, more serious TBIs can cause victims to suffer lasting harm. A serious brain injury may damage a person's brain in such a way that they can no longer exercise judgment, remember important facts, or regulate their emotions. Since the brain is a vital component in directing all of the systems of a person's body, damage to it may manifest in a wide range of serious consequences.

Not all TBI damage is treatable. Some victims of TBIs may never be able to regain the health and happiness they enjoyed prior to their injury-causing events. To this end, victims who suffered harm due to others' negligence may wish to learn more about their possible rights to compensation under the personal injury laws of California.

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