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June 2018 Archives

Your personal injury claim is important

From stubbed toes to minor cuts and bruises, it is easy to disregard the little mishaps that people suffer when they try to do too much too fast or when they suffer from simple clumsiness. These little, self-imposed injuries are part of everyday life and do not allow individuals to seek the recovery of their losses in court.

Building a case on negligence after a motor vehicle accident

Automobile accidents are common on California roads but that does not make them any less difficult for victims to recover from. Depending upon the severity of the crash, a victim may suffer serious and life-threatening harm that was caused by the accident. While the cause of accidents can vary, one of the most common reasons that individuals suffer losses in incidents on roadways is the negligence of other drivers.

4 essential steps to take after a car wreck

Imagine driving through San Mateo on your daily commute to work. After you stop to top off the gas tank and pick up your usual cup of coffee, you ease back out into traffic and continue on your way. A block later, another driver runs a stop sign and plows into the passenger side of your car. Now that you are sitting in the middle of the road with a severely damaged car and an unknown amount of injuries, do you know what to do?

Security gaps could be a factor in elderly woman's death

Local headlines feature a great many sad stories of injury and death. One of the most notable this week is the death of a 75-year-old woman on the campus of San Francisco General Hospital. Hospital staff reported her missing May 20, though she had been gone from the premises since the day before. Authorities say an engineering employee came across her body May 30 in the stairwell of a power plant building.

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