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Scooter injuries are an ongoing problem in California, elsewhere

A recent report from a California university suggests that, as the popularity of electric scooters continues to grow in this state's urban areas like San Mateo, so does the possibility that people will get hurt while using them.

The report indicated that the number of people hurt because of these electric scooters more than tripled over the last five or so years, growing by over 200 percent between 2014 and 2018, up to over 39,000 injuries.

How to prove that distraction was the cause of a recent crash

In recent years, mobile phone and social media use while driving have become increasingly significant dangers on the road. Even if you have fully committed to avoiding screens while at the wheel, you undoubtedly encounter multiple other drivers who are not as responsible or diligent on any given day.

Eventually, that risk could manifest in the form of a crash caused by someone using a mobile phone instead of properly focusing on the road and safety. If you experience a crash that resulted in personal injury, substantial property damage or the death of a loved one, and you believe the other driver was using their phone at the time of the crash, you may wonder how you or the police can prove that distraction was a contributing factor to the collision.

Charter bus driver causes deadly highway pileup

A charter bus driver traveling on a major highway in another state reportedly lost control of his vehicle. As a result, his bus, which was in the inside lane, crashed into the concrete wall dividing his lane from oncoming traffic.

The bus, which was carrying 56 people, flipped onto its side and came to rest on a slope near the road. Unfortunately, several other vehicles, including two large trucks and some passenger vehicles, were also involved in this motor vehicle accident, even though the crash happened during the overnight hours.

High driving a problem among young motorists

According to the United States Centers for Disease Control, around 12 million people admitted to driving while under the influence of marijuana on at least one occasion. Additionally, 2 million people said that they had driven after using other illegal drugs. If there is a bright said to this news, it is that drugged driving has yet to become as pervasive as drunken driving, as 21 million people admitted to driving after having too much to drink.

The problem of using marijuana while driving is particularly pronounced among the younger generation. Of those who were surveyed, 12% of drivers between 21 and 25 admitted to driving while under the influence of marijuana.

Distracted drivers are defying texting and driving bans

California has had a texting and driving ban and a ban on the use of handheld devices while behind the wheel for some time now.

Unfortunately, recent statistics suggest that these laws just are not enough to keep drivers from trying to talk on the phone, instant message or use the internet while also paying attention to the road.

Depression can come after a spinal cord injury

One of the most difficult things to think about when you are dealing with a spinal cord injury is facing your future. For a person who is paralyzed, this can be overwhelming and very difficult to handle. When you first receive the diagnosis, you will have to learn how to shift your thinking. This starts with understanding that your life isn't going to be the same, but it doesn't mean that the future is hopeless.

People who have paralysis often suffer from depression when they first find out. Even though it is a normal reaction, it can be hard to cope with unless you have a good support system. Having family members and friends you can count on can benefit you greatly.

AAA: Traffic in the Bay Area will be congested this weekend

Thanksgiving is traditionally known as the busiest travel weekend each year. While it is certainly good that people take time around Thanksgiving to visit loved ones or just relax, the drawback is that there will be a lot of traffic on the roads.

In this respect, the American Automobile Association, or AAA, recently released its annual prediction about the number of travelers on the road this holiday, and this last weekend in November is looking to be a busy one for the roads in San Mateo and throughout the Bay Area.

Report: those in high-risk jobs must avoid marijuana use

As most of our readers probably know, California now allows adults to use marijuana even for purely recreational purposes. As a result, it is becoming more and more common for people to report to work with the drug in their systems. In another state that has also legalized marijuana, for instance, up to 1 out of 5 applicants for jobs in the construction industry and other sectors would test positive for remnants of the drug in their systems. In fairness, though, residual chemicals from marijuana can remain in one's system for days or even weeks, long after the effects of the drug have worn off.

Despite what the laws of the state say, according to one safety group, construction workers who are in high-risk positions should not use the drug at all and thus should never have it in their systems. A high-risk position would include occupations like a crane operator or an operator of heavy construction equipment. In support of its position, the group points to research that suggests workers who use marijuana, even for medicinal reasons, had 55% more accidents and 85% more injuries than their counterparts who do not use the drug at all. Moreover, the organization also said that the drug unquestionably has the ability to adversely affect a user's judgment and coordination.

What special rules apply when suing the government?

For a number of historical and legal reasons, residents of San Mateo and the greater Bay Area need to follow special steps when they sue the state government of California, a state agency or even a local government body. The special rules also apply to suing public employees.

These rules can be complicated in certain respects, and they also carry with them strict deadlines. If these deadlines get missed, then it could mean that even someone who has an otherwise legitimate personal injury claim will not be able to file suit and secure compensation. This one reason why it is so important that a Californian with a claim against the government consider speaking with an experienced attorney.

Premises liability applies to inadequate security

Like other states, California's law requires landowners, including homeowners and businesses, to exercise reasonable care to protect guests like customers tenants and the like. Basically, a property owner must be sure the land, and the buildings on the land, are safe and secure. Traditionally, this meant that landowners needed to take steps to prevent people from slipping and falling or from suffering other accidental injuries.

However, in recent decades, courts have come to recognize that landowners also have some legal obligation to make sure patrons and other visitors are reasonably safe from crime on the premises. While this does not mean that a business has to prevent every single potential crime, they do need to be aware of the surrounding circumstances and to provide cameras, security guards and the like in order to respond to those circumstances.

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