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Fiery crash in California kills one, but famed choir escapes

Chain reaction accidents often involve peculiar incidents of both bad luck and good luck. Mere seconds can mean the difference between a clean escape and serious injury or even death. A recent motor vehicle accident on Highway 101 near the Brisbane exit shows just how slim the margin can become.

A Ford Excursion was heading north on Highway 101 when one of its tires blew out. The following vehicle, a Toyota Camry, slowed to avoid a collision, but it was rear-ended by a Volkswagen. The impact of the Volkswagen pushed the Camry into the Ford Excursion. This impact pushed the Excursion into the far left lane, where it was struck by a tour bus. Moments later, the bus was rear-ended by a Lincoln Navigator. The bus and two cars burst into flames and became fully engulfed in fire. The driver of the Excursion died at the scene. The drivers of the other three cars were taken to a nearby hospital and treated for minor injuries.

What is a manufacturing defect for personal injury purposes?

Many products are made in factories. When Californians shop online or at their favorite stores, they may purchase goods that were mass produced in large facilities using automated processes and standardized production techniques. There is nothing wrong with manufactured items, and it many situations manufactured goods are safe and useful tools for American consumers.

However, problems can and do come up when products are made by factories. Whereas a design defect may make a product dangerous based on how it is planned to look and operate, a manufacturing defect may make a product dangerous when something goes wrong in the manufacturing process.

Pedestrians can become victims of motor vehicle accidents

California has beautiful weather. There is no denying that fact that during the spring and summer, when the rain has stopped and the sky is clear, there is nothing better than being outside to experience the beauty of a sunny day. Some San Mateo residents plan their commutes to involve some walking when the weather is good, and many families plan walking outings when they have time to spend together.

Walking and being outdoors are common pastimes for Northern Californians, but just because many people take to the roads and streets by foot to get to where they want to go does not mean that they are always seen and avoided. Pedestrians are often the victims of senseless and deadly accidents with cars and in many situations the drivers of the involved vehicles are to blame.

Don’t avoid medical attention after a car accident

When victims of car accidents decide they don't need medical attention after a collision, they may not realize how dangerous this choice is. A car accident is always a potentially harmful experience, because some serious injuries do not cause any pain or other symptoms that make them easy to identify. A victim with a serious or even life-threatening injury may not realize they need medical attention until the injury causes pain and potentially turns fatal.

Any time that you or someone you love experiences a car accident, you should go straight to a doctor or some other qualified medical professional who can give you a complete medical examination. If you have a delayed pain injury, the examination can identify it before it gets worse, saving time, money and, possibly, your life.

Help for victims involved in motor vehicle accidents

There is certainly more to life than making lots of money, but those California residents who have ever lived through precarious financial times can attest to the fact that having money can make life a little less stressful. When a person knows that they will be able to pay their mortgage or is confident that their credit cards are not maxed out when they make a purchase, they may live with a little stress than people who are living paycheck to paycheck.

Financial hardships can arise from several causes, and one of those causes is an unexpected car accident. Many times victims of motor vehicle accidents suffer serious and even life-threatening injuries at the hands of others. In these unfortunate situations, victims should be aware that they may have the right to be compensated for what they have lost.

Can outdoor falls form the grounds for a premises liability suit?

Many of the slip and fall accidents that Californians suffer occur inside the properties of other individuals. A person may trip on a loose rug at a friend's home, or they may slip on a puddle of spilled water at a store. When an accident of this nature occurs within a building, liability for the victim's harm may clearly pass to the owner of the structure.

However, not all slip and fall accidents occur indoors. There are a number of ways that individuals can suffer harm when they are outside and on the properties of others. Though snow and ice are not common in San Mateo, in the colder regions of the state individuals may slide and fall on the precipitation that accumulates and freezes on porches, driveways and other exterior surfaces.

Design defects can make products dangerous for Californians

Whether a California resident prefers to make purchases online or would rather go into their favorite local shop to buy what they need, they have undoubtedly bought a new consumer good within the last few months. When they got it home they may have taken it out of its packaging and looked over the instruction manual for how to assemble and use their new product. With any luck, their purchase fulfilled a need that they had in their life and improved a problem that they were experiencing.

While most new consumer goods do what they are supposed to do and nothing more, others impart upon their users harm and even injuries. When products suffer from defective designs they can cause individuals to suffer physical injuries and even more serious losses. A dangerously designed product may result in a person's death.

Common damages people claim after a car accident

Imagine driving through San Mateo, perhaps on your way to work. You follow your normal route, stop at your favorite café for a coffee and continue on your way to your place of employment. Only a block away from work, you get caught at a red light. You come to a nice and easy stop, but the car behind you does not. The other driver, who was not paying enough attention to the road, slams into the back of you. Now you have a damaged car, various injuries and you will have to miss work.

As you begin the process of filing a claim for the car wreck, you might be wondering what kind of damages might be part of your injury claim. Here are some of the most common damages you could qualify for as a result of a car accident.

Impaired driver injures multiple people in California accident

Drunk and impaired driving is a dangerous practice that puts the lives of others at risk. While people may assume that it is only drivers and their passengers who could be harmed by an impaired driver, anyone on or near a roadway may be affected by the reckless and criminal actions of an intoxicated individual. Just recently a horrific motor vehicle accident happened in California that involved a dangerous impaired driver.

The driver was operating his pick-up truck on a road in Fullerton that was busy with restaurant and bar patrons heading home. The driver somehow ended up on the sidewalk of the street and struck nine people with his truck before crashing into a tree. Reports from witnesses to the accident claim that others in the area had to lift the truck off some victims who were trapped underneath it.

Property owners have a duty to remove hazards

As readers of this California personal injury blog may know, premises liability is the legal theory that holds property owners liable when a visitor is injured on their land. But under California premises liability law, different types of visitors may have different legal status. A person who is considered an invitee on the premises of another property owner may be afforded the greatest level of protection of all types of individuals.

An invitee is someone who invited to be on the land or property of another. Individuals who shop at stores may be considered invitees because they are encouraged to come and buy goods from the stores. Generally, the extension of an invitation to a person to be in a place that is not under their own control may afford them the expectation that precautions have been taken to ensure their safety.

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