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Can outdoor falls form the grounds for a premises liability suit?

Many of the slip and fall accidents that Californians suffer occur inside the properties of other individuals. A person may trip on a loose rug at a friend's home, or they may slip on a puddle of spilled water at a store. When an accident of this nature occurs within a building, liability for the victim's harm may clearly pass to the owner of the structure.

However, not all slip and fall accidents occur indoors. There are a number of ways that individuals can suffer harm when they are outside and on the properties of others. Though snow and ice are not common in San Mateo, in the colder regions of the state individuals may slide and fall on the precipitation that accumulates and freezes on porches, driveways and other exterior surfaces.

Design defects can make products dangerous for Californians

Whether a California resident prefers to make purchases online or would rather go into their favorite local shop to buy what they need, they have undoubtedly bought a new consumer good within the last few months. When they got it home they may have taken it out of its packaging and looked over the instruction manual for how to assemble and use their new product. With any luck, their purchase fulfilled a need that they had in their life and improved a problem that they were experiencing.

While most new consumer goods do what they are supposed to do and nothing more, others impart upon their users harm and even injuries. When products suffer from defective designs they can cause individuals to suffer physical injuries and even more serious losses. A dangerously designed product may result in a person's death.

Common damages people claim after a car accident

Imagine driving through San Mateo, perhaps on your way to work. You follow your normal route, stop at your favorite café for a coffee and continue on your way to your place of employment. Only a block away from work, you get caught at a red light. You come to a nice and easy stop, but the car behind you does not. The other driver, who was not paying enough attention to the road, slams into the back of you. Now you have a damaged car, various injuries and you will have to miss work.

As you begin the process of filing a claim for the car wreck, you might be wondering what kind of damages might be part of your injury claim. Here are some of the most common damages you could qualify for as a result of a car accident.

Impaired driver injures multiple people in California accident

Drunk and impaired driving is a dangerous practice that puts the lives of others at risk. While people may assume that it is only drivers and their passengers who could be harmed by an impaired driver, anyone on or near a roadway may be affected by the reckless and criminal actions of an intoxicated individual. Just recently a horrific motor vehicle accident happened in California that involved a dangerous impaired driver.

The driver was operating his pick-up truck on a road in Fullerton that was busy with restaurant and bar patrons heading home. The driver somehow ended up on the sidewalk of the street and struck nine people with his truck before crashing into a tree. Reports from witnesses to the accident claim that others in the area had to lift the truck off some victims who were trapped underneath it.

Property owners have a duty to remove hazards

As readers of this California personal injury blog may know, premises liability is the legal theory that holds property owners liable when a visitor is injured on their land. But under California premises liability law, different types of visitors may have different legal status. A person who is considered an invitee on the premises of another property owner may be afforded the greatest level of protection of all types of individuals.

An invitee is someone who invited to be on the land or property of another. Individuals who shop at stores may be considered invitees because they are encouraged to come and buy goods from the stores. Generally, the extension of an invitation to a person to be in a place that is not under their own control may afford them the expectation that precautions have been taken to ensure their safety.

Who can sue for wrongful death damages in California?

The death of a loved one can inflict trauma and pain into the lives of San Mateo residents. Fatal accidents can happen in many ways and occur due to different forms of negligent contact. When a wrongful death happens, surviving family members should know their rights with regard to who may sue for the recovery of their damages.

Unlike other states that require the personal representative of the decedents' estates to file wrongful death claims, California allows certain related and dependent individuals to directly pursue wrongful death claims. For example, a decedent's spouse or partner may sue under the state's wrongful death statute, and as may the decedent's children. If those individuals are not available to initiate litigation, people who would benefit from the decedent's estate through intestate succession may start a lawsuit based on their loss.

Traumatic brain injuries can have long-term complications

Injuries to the head and brain should be evaluated by medical professionals as soon as possible after they are sustained. California residents who are involved in motor vehicle accidents, falls and other forms of personal injury accidents may suffer brain injuries without knowing they have been impacted. Traumatic brain injuries can have long-lasting effects on the body and may leave victims with lifelong medical complications.

For example, a traumatic brain injury may inflict upon a victim an altered state of consciousness. This can include a coma, which is a state of unconsciousness in which the victim has no sensory input or awareness. Victims of traumatic brain injuries can also be left in a vegetative state, which occurs when individuals are unconscious but may make movements.

Why every California driver needs an uninsured motorist rider

Motor vehicle liability insurance is one of those important but annoying facts of life. It is an expense you have to pay in order to legally drive on public roads that you may never need to use. However, it also offers important protection in the event that you do experience a crash.

Many people view their insurance premium as a burden, which motivates them to minimize it by any means necessary. Typically, that minimization involves reducing excess coverage and potentially dropping liability limits to the state minimum for California. Unfortunately, doing that could create a financial risk that you may not understand until it is too late.

Help is available in San Mateo when preparing a car accident case

Holiday travel can be stressful for California residents who decide to leave their homes and head off to visit their family members and friends. If they fly they can be forced to face long security lines, delayed flights and even cancellations that may prevent them from getting to their destinations. If they drive, they may find congested roads, bad weather and other challenges that may slow their travels.

While not all holiday travel plans are marred by delays and issues, too many Americans are affected by vehicle accidents and collisions during December and January as they take trips to see the people that they love. A winter motor vehicle accident can impose serious pain and suffering upon a person who may incur property losses, physical harm and financial pressures all from being the victim of a collision.

Motor vehicle accident injuries come in many damaging forms

Individuals who drive and ride on California roads understand that it is important to take precautions when it comes to safety while in motor vehicles. For example, drivers should wear their seatbelts to limit the movement they may experience if they are involved in collisions, and parents and care takers must properly secure children in car and booster seats to keep them safe. Although vehicles come equipped with many features that can prevent and mitigate accident damages, victims of car accidents still suffer a range of minor to life-threatening injuries.

For example, a car accident victim may suffer harm to the head or neck. Concussions can occur when victims hit their head on hard surfaces inside and outside of their vehicles; more serious forms of traumatic brain injuries can also result from these types of impacts. Whiplash is a common vehicle accident injury that involves stress and strain on the neck when the head is thrown forward and backward in a crash.

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