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4 safety tips for moving your run from the gym to the road

If you are thinking of moving your run from the treadmills at the gym to the roads of San Mateo, then you will have to take certain precautions. Running on the road or sidewalk has its benefits, such as changing scenery and the exhilarating fresh air. However, you will have to contend with hazards that are not present in the gym. For example, you will have to maneuver around other runners and walkers and perhaps dodge the occasional loose dog or other wildlife. Another danger you will encounter by moving your run outside is traffic.

In general, people operating cars and trucks are not looking for pedestrians. They tend to be on the lookout for what other drivers are doing. This means that you should always make your safety a priority when you go for a run or walk and the following safety tips can help you with just that.

What responsibilities do property owners have toward guests?

Owning property in California brings with it a host of responsibilities. Whether the property is commercial, residential or zoned for a different purpose, its owner must understand and respect the laws that govern how the property should be cared for and maintained. When the property owner allows others to enter onto the property, problems can arise related to premises liability law.

For example, many San Mateo residents own their own homes and enjoy entertaining their friends and families in their houses and yards. When a homeowner invites another person to come over and enter their land, they must ensure that they are providing that visitor with safe accommodations. Property owners must take steps to protect their invited guests from dangers they know about on their properties, as well as dangers they should be aware of through reasonable diligence.

Your personal injury claim is important

From stubbed toes to minor cuts and bruises, it is easy to disregard the little mishaps that people suffer when they try to do too much too fast or when they suffer from simple clumsiness. These little, self-imposed injuries are part of everyday life and do not allow individuals to seek the recovery of their losses in court.

However, when individuals suffer harm through no fault of their own, their legal options may be very different. This is because individuals generally owe a duty of care to each other to act reasonably and to avoid inflicting injuries on one other. When a person fails to meet their standard of care and breaches their duty to act reasonably to another person, they may commit negligence in their actions.

Building a case on negligence after a motor vehicle accident

Automobile accidents are common on California roads but that does not make them any less difficult for victims to recover from. Depending upon the severity of the crash, a victim may suffer serious and life-threatening harm that was caused by the accident. While the cause of accidents can vary, one of the most common reasons that individuals suffer losses in incidents on roadways is the negligence of other drivers.

Negligence occurs when someone fails to act as a person normally would under the circumstances. For example, a driver must act reasonably given the circumstances to protect others that they may encounter on the roads.

4 essential steps to take after a car wreck

Imagine driving through San Mateo on your daily commute to work. After you stop to top off the gas tank and pick up your usual cup of coffee, you ease back out into traffic and continue on your way. A block later, another driver runs a stop sign and plows into the passenger side of your car. Now that you are sitting in the middle of the road with a severely damaged car and an unknown amount of injuries, do you know what to do?

The first steps you take after a car accident can make a huge difference in the way the car insurance company handles your claim. If you find yourself in a similar position to the above hypothetical example, follow these post-accident steps.

Security gaps could be a factor in elderly woman's death

Local headlines feature a great many sad stories of injury and death. One of the most notable this week is the death of a 75-year-old woman on the campus of San Francisco General Hospital. Hospital staff reported her missing May 20, though she had been gone from the premises since the day before. Authorities say an engineering employee came across her body May 30 in the stairwell of a power plant building.

Investigators have not said how long the woman's body had been in the location. Nor has cause of death been determined. They do say they don't suspect foul play.

Are laws different if you're injured at an amusement park?

It can be a wonderful feeling to spend the day out with friends or family at an amusement park. Loads of food, sideshows, unique things to buy, and, of course, a multitude of exciting rides and attractions to experience. People don't often think of the dangers at a park, though. It raises the question: What happens when you or a loved one are injured at an amusement park?

It is a frightening event, but one that does happen. Several parks around the country, including one in California, began retiring certain thrill rides in the wake of a tragedy that struck Ohio in 2017. A popular ride called Fireball suffered a catastrophic failure on the Ohio State Fair's opening day. The accident was responsible for seven injuries and one fatality. 

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