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Ford recalls 665,000 vehicles for safety defects

We often see news announcements noting a vehicle recall for certain defects, many of which can affect the safety of the vehicle and thus those inside. In such cases, the recalls can be the result of actual accidents or injuries sustained, where at least part of the cause is traced back to the defect. When these accidents occur and someone is injured, then, it may be possible to successfully recover compensation from the vehicle manufacturer.

Recently, Ford Motor Company issued recall notices for 10 different models involving a total of 665,000 cars and trucks. Given the high number of vehicles involved, a significant number will likely be found in California and the San Francisco area. All of the identified defects could lead to, or worsen the effects of, a motor vehicle accident.

Pedestrian sues J-Lo and A-Rod for injuries suffered in accident

When a moving vehicle strikes and injures a pedestrian, the pedestrian often files a lawsuit seeking money damages. One of the defendants is almost always the driver, who is almost always alleged to have been negligent. In a recent lawsuit filed against mega-celebrities Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez, a pedestrian alleges that he was injured because the couple was negligent in failing to instruct their driver and security team to be alert for pedestrians.

The plaintiff was struck by a chauffeured car carrying J-Lo and A-Rod after they had left a trendy restaurant. The plaintiff acknowledges that neither of the celebrities was driving the vehicle, but he alleges that they were negligent because they failed to instruct their driver and their security team to be vigilant. The plaintiff further alleges that the defendants quickly fled the scene and failed to check on his condition.

Five-car accident in Menlo Park blamed on alcohol

Chain-reaction automobile accidents usually begin with inattentive drivers losing control of their vehicle and thereby creating a hazard for following vehicles. A recent five-car accident in Menlo Park apparently began when an inattentive driver collided with a construction barrier. A second vehicle crashed into the first, and three more cars were involved before police arrived.

The motor vehicle accident began at about 2:35 a.m. when a vehicle that was northbound on Highway 101 veered left and crashed into a water-filled crash attenuator. The car rolled over and came to rest in the northbound lane. The four occupants, including the driver, were able to evacuate the car just seconds before it was struck by a grey car traveling northbound. A third vehicle managed to stop before hitting either of the first two vehicles, but before its occupants could leave the vehicle, it was struck by yet another car going northbound. The driver of the first vehicle was able to move the car under its own power to a nearby side road. Finally, a northbound car struck the fourth vehicles.

Don't navigate serious injuries alone

While the vast majority of our day-to-day lives occur without any kind of incident, there are unfortunately moments that shatter that sense of safety. Accidents can happen in a multitude of different ways and have the potential to change our lives forever. It can be difficult to carry through during these hard times, but it's important to remember that you are never alone when serious injuries strike.

From motor vehicle accidents to property incidents, personal injuries matters take on a multitude of forms. They can also inflict just as many kinds of injuries: traumatic brain injuries, burns, broken bones, serious spinal injuries, and more. If these injuries were due to the negligence of another party, the range of emotions felt can be overwhelming. Fear, anger, and uncertainty are just some of the feelings that can race through your head while dealing with these situations. Seeking the assistance of experienced personal injuries attorneys, however, can help you decide how to move through the ordeal while seeking justice.

Do you know your rights as a California dog bite victim?

Sometimes, a visit to a friend or a walk in the park can have unexpected consequences if you encounter an angry or aggressive dog. Dogs are frequently found at parks, and although most of them are well behaved and properly managed, that isn't always the case. Some dogs are naturally aggressive, while others can become angry or violent in certain circumstances.

Whether you were enjoying your coffee on a friend's porch or watching your children on the playground equipment at the time of the attack, a dog bite can leave you with severe injuries and medical expenses.

Tesla driver strikes and kills pedestrian in San Francisco

In the last few years, self-driving vehicles have become more numerous and more controversial. To their fans, these cars-of-the-future take the human element out of automobile control and are far safer than human-controlled cars. To their critics, self-driving cars have not been conclusively proven to be any safer than human drivers and in many cases, appear to be more dangerous. A recent motor vehicle accident in San Francisco involving a Tesla is likely to stir the pot of controversy even more.

Recently, a Tesla ran a red light at the intersection of Taylor Street and O'Farrell Street in the afternoon. The Tesla then broad-sided another car. After hitting it, the Tesla crashed into a couple walking across the street and then hit a parked SUV. The man was killed instantly, and the woman was taken to a nearby hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

One killed, two injured in San Francisco airport collision

Loading or unloading luggage at a large airport can be a nerve-wracking task. Cars are traveling at different speeds and are constantly changing lanes or making unexpected stops. People who are on foot must be constantly alert. A recent motor vehicle accident at San Francisco International Airport appears to have happened with such speed that the three victims had little time or no time to react before they were struck by a rapidly moving SUV.

The collision occurred in the afternoon in the arrivals section of the international terminal at San Francisco International Airport. Three people were apparently loading luggage into their car when a SUV began to rapidly accelerate from its parking place at the curb. The SUV smashed into the rear of the car that was being loaded. All three pedestrians were taken by ambulance to a local hospital with life-threatening injuries. One of the three, a 46-year old male, died at the hospital about an hour later. The other two, a man and a woman, remained hospitalized.

How exhaustion can lead to a serious car wreck

On any given day, we all have to make critical judgment calls that affect our safety and overall well-being. For example, you can choose to take the stairs or the elevator when going up to another floor at work. You can choose the healthy salad or the greasy burger when you go out for a meal.

You can also choose to rest before getting behind the wheel, asking someone else to drive or make a dangerous decision by driving while feeling exhausted. Many people mistakenly assume that as long as they aren't texting while driving or getting behind the wheel after drinking, they aren't doing anything dangerous on the road.

Wrong-way driver dies in chain reaction collision

Drivers who manage to enter a traffic lane heading the wrong way are a frequent cause of head-on motor vehicle collisions. A recent wrong-way collision on Highway 101 in Palo Alto recently killed the wrong-way driver and caused injures to several other people.

The wrong-way driver was going south in the northbound lanes of Highway 101 when he collided with a northbound vehicle. The wrong-way vehicle immediately burst into flames, and the driver died in the fire. The driver of the northbound vehicle suffered a broken leg, lacerations and other minor injuries. Neither vehicle carried any passengers.

Fatal bus and truck collision on Bay Bridge snarls traffic

The Bay Area boasts a relatively high number of large bridges intended to move traffic efficiently over and around the numerous stretches of open water. For the most part, the system of bridges and highways lives up to its intended design goals, but when an accident occurs, the bridge system may become jammed with traffic that has no other place to go. A recent motor vehicle collision on the Bay Bridge showed how a single accident can prevent thousands of drivers from reaching their destinations.

The accident happened at about 4:30 a.m. when a box truck smashed into the rear of a commuter bus on the Bay Bridge. The box truck tipped onto its side, thereby blocking two traffic lanes. A passenger in the truck was killed, and two passengers in the truck were injured. Two passengers on the bus complained of pain and were hospitalized. Police are focusing their investigation on excessive speed by the truck driver. The driver of the bus is undergoing standard drug and alcohol testing.

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