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One killed, two injured in San Francisco airport collision

Loading or unloading luggage at a large airport can be a nerve-wracking task. Cars are traveling at different speeds and are constantly changing lanes or making unexpected stops. People who are on foot must be constantly alert. A recent motor vehicle accident at San Francisco International Airport appears to have happened with such speed that the three victims had little time or no time to react before they were struck by a rapidly moving SUV.

The collision occurred in the afternoon in the arrivals section of the international terminal at San Francisco International Airport. Three people were apparently loading luggage into their car when a SUV began to rapidly accelerate from its parking place at the curb. The SUV smashed into the rear of the car that was being loaded. All three pedestrians were taken by ambulance to a local hospital with life-threatening injuries. One of the three, a 46-year old male, died at the hospital about an hour later. The other two, a man and a woman, remained hospitalized.

How exhaustion can lead to a serious car wreck

On any given day, we all have to make critical judgment calls that affect our safety and overall well-being. For example, you can choose to take the stairs or the elevator when going up to another floor at work. You can choose the healthy salad or the greasy burger when you go out for a meal.

You can also choose to rest before getting behind the wheel, asking someone else to drive or make a dangerous decision by driving while feeling exhausted. Many people mistakenly assume that as long as they aren't texting while driving or getting behind the wheel after drinking, they aren't doing anything dangerous on the road.

Wrong-way driver dies in chain reaction collision

Drivers who manage to enter a traffic lane heading the wrong way are a frequent cause of head-on motor vehicle collisions. A recent wrong-way collision on Highway 101 in Palo Alto recently killed the wrong-way driver and caused injures to several other people.

The wrong-way driver was going south in the northbound lanes of Highway 101 when he collided with a northbound vehicle. The wrong-way vehicle immediately burst into flames, and the driver died in the fire. The driver of the northbound vehicle suffered a broken leg, lacerations and other minor injuries. Neither vehicle carried any passengers.

Fatal bus and truck collision on Bay Bridge snarls traffic

The Bay Area boasts a relatively high number of large bridges intended to move traffic efficiently over and around the numerous stretches of open water. For the most part, the system of bridges and highways lives up to its intended design goals, but when an accident occurs, the bridge system may become jammed with traffic that has no other place to go. A recent motor vehicle collision on the Bay Bridge showed how a single accident can prevent thousands of drivers from reaching their destinations.

The accident happened at about 4:30 a.m. when a box truck smashed into the rear of a commuter bus on the Bay Bridge. The box truck tipped onto its side, thereby blocking two traffic lanes. A passenger in the truck was killed, and two passengers in the truck were injured. Two passengers on the bus complained of pain and were hospitalized. Police are focusing their investigation on excessive speed by the truck driver. The driver of the bus is undergoing standard drug and alcohol testing.

Understanding comparative fault in California

Most people who live in San Mateo County understand that a person who is negligent must pay damages to anyone injured by the negligent act or omission. But what happens if both parties are partially at fault? The answer to this question depends on what is called "comparative fault."

When English law moved across the Atlantic when our nation was founded, many of the rules of tort law were imported into the new republic. One of those rules was comparative negligence. This rule precluded anyone whose negligence contributed to the injury from recovering damages. In other words, a person who was 1% negligent could not recover damages from the party who was 99% at fault.

Fiery crash in California kills one, but famed choir escapes

Chain reaction accidents often involve peculiar incidents of both bad luck and good luck. Mere seconds can mean the difference between a clean escape and serious injury or even death. A recent motor vehicle accident on Highway 101 near the Brisbane exit shows just how slim the margin can become.

A Ford Excursion was heading north on Highway 101 when one of its tires blew out. The following vehicle, a Toyota Camry, slowed to avoid a collision, but it was rear-ended by a Volkswagen. The impact of the Volkswagen pushed the Camry into the Ford Excursion. This impact pushed the Excursion into the far left lane, where it was struck by a tour bus. Moments later, the bus was rear-ended by a Lincoln Navigator. The bus and two cars burst into flames and became fully engulfed in fire. The driver of the Excursion died at the scene. The drivers of the other three cars were taken to a nearby hospital and treated for minor injuries.

What is a manufacturing defect for personal injury purposes?

Many products are made in factories. When Californians shop online or at their favorite stores, they may purchase goods that were mass produced in large facilities using automated processes and standardized production techniques. There is nothing wrong with manufactured items, and it many situations manufactured goods are safe and useful tools for American consumers.

However, problems can and do come up when products are made by factories. Whereas a design defect may make a product dangerous based on how it is planned to look and operate, a manufacturing defect may make a product dangerous when something goes wrong in the manufacturing process.

Pedestrians can become victims of motor vehicle accidents

California has beautiful weather. There is no denying that fact that during the spring and summer, when the rain has stopped and the sky is clear, there is nothing better than being outside to experience the beauty of a sunny day. Some San Mateo residents plan their commutes to involve some walking when the weather is good, and many families plan walking outings when they have time to spend together.

Walking and being outdoors are common pastimes for Northern Californians, but just because many people take to the roads and streets by foot to get to where they want to go does not mean that they are always seen and avoided. Pedestrians are often the victims of senseless and deadly accidents with cars and in many situations the drivers of the involved vehicles are to blame.

Don’t avoid medical attention after a car accident

When victims of car accidents decide they don't need medical attention after a collision, they may not realize how dangerous this choice is. A car accident is always a potentially harmful experience, because some serious injuries do not cause any pain or other symptoms that make them easy to identify. A victim with a serious or even life-threatening injury may not realize they need medical attention until the injury causes pain and potentially turns fatal.

Any time that you or someone you love experiences a car accident, you should go straight to a doctor or some other qualified medical professional who can give you a complete medical examination. If you have a delayed pain injury, the examination can identify it before it gets worse, saving time, money and, possibly, your life.

Help for victims involved in motor vehicle accidents

There is certainly more to life than making lots of money, but those California residents who have ever lived through precarious financial times can attest to the fact that having money can make life a little less stressful. When a person knows that they will be able to pay their mortgage or is confident that their credit cards are not maxed out when they make a purchase, they may live with a little stress than people who are living paycheck to paycheck.

Financial hardships can arise from several causes, and one of those causes is an unexpected car accident. Many times victims of motor vehicle accidents suffer serious and even life-threatening injuries at the hands of others. In these unfortunate situations, victims should be aware that they may have the right to be compensated for what they have lost.

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