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Traumatic brain injuries can have long-term complications

Injuries to the head and brain should be evaluated by medical professionals as soon as possible after they are sustained. California residents who are involved in motor vehicle accidents, falls and other forms of personal injury accidents may suffer brain injuries without knowing they have been impacted. Traumatic brain injuries can have long-lasting effects on the body and may leave victims with lifelong medical complications.

For example, a traumatic brain injury may inflict upon a victim an altered state of consciousness. This can include a coma, which is a state of unconsciousness in which the victim has no sensory input or awareness. Victims of traumatic brain injuries can also be left in a vegetative state, which occurs when individuals are unconscious but may make movements.

Why every California driver needs an uninsured motorist rider

Motor vehicle liability insurance is one of those important but annoying facts of life. It is an expense you have to pay in order to legally drive on public roads that you may never need to use. However, it also offers important protection in the event that you do experience a crash.

Many people view their insurance premium as a burden, which motivates them to minimize it by any means necessary. Typically, that minimization involves reducing excess coverage and potentially dropping liability limits to the state minimum for California. Unfortunately, doing that could create a financial risk that you may not understand until it is too late.

Help is available in San Mateo when preparing a car accident case

Holiday travel can be stressful for California residents who decide to leave their homes and head off to visit their family members and friends. If they fly they can be forced to face long security lines, delayed flights and even cancellations that may prevent them from getting to their destinations. If they drive, they may find congested roads, bad weather and other challenges that may slow their travels.

While not all holiday travel plans are marred by delays and issues, too many Americans are affected by vehicle accidents and collisions during December and January as they take trips to see the people that they love. A winter motor vehicle accident can impose serious pain and suffering upon a person who may incur property losses, physical harm and financial pressures all from being the victim of a collision.

Motor vehicle accident injuries come in many damaging forms

Individuals who drive and ride on California roads understand that it is important to take precautions when it comes to safety while in motor vehicles. For example, drivers should wear their seatbelts to limit the movement they may experience if they are involved in collisions, and parents and care takers must properly secure children in car and booster seats to keep them safe. Although vehicles come equipped with many features that can prevent and mitigate accident damages, victims of car accidents still suffer a range of minor to life-threatening injuries.

For example, a car accident victim may suffer harm to the head or neck. Concussions can occur when victims hit their head on hard surfaces inside and outside of their vehicles; more serious forms of traumatic brain injuries can also result from these types of impacts. Whiplash is a common vehicle accident injury that involves stress and strain on the neck when the head is thrown forward and backward in a crash.

Can trespassers recover property-based injuries?

When a person enters onto the property of another without the property owner's permission, they may be considered a trespasser. A trespasser is someone who elects to go where they are not invited and where there is no guarantee that their safety can be protected. In California trespassers may not be able to collect compensation for the injuries they suffer on other people's land if they entered onto it without authorization.

Unlike invited guests and even some licensees, trespassers are not generally anticipated by property owners and therefore property owners cannot prepare their properties in advance of trespassing events to keep trespassers safe. If a property owner knows that there is a reasonable chance that others may enter their land without permission, they can take proactive steps to protect themselves from possible liability for the trespassers' injuries by posting signs regarding trespassing and possible dangers that are on their property.

What problems can a spinal cord injury inflict on a victim?

Practically everyone has experienced back pain or discomfort from sleeping in the wrong position or reaching for something that was just too far away. When a California resident tweaks their spine they may suffer from limited mobility, soreness, and other temporary issues that can affect their short-term comfort and capacity to move. However, these fleeting conditions pale in comparison to the serious and life-altering affects that victims of spinal cord injuries face when they are forced to live with accident-related spinal cord damage.

A spinal cord injury can be complete or incomplete. While a complete injury indicates that the victim's spinal cord was completely severed in their accident, an incomplete injury indicates that the spinal cord was not fully cut. Incomplete spinal cord injuries are serious, however, and can leave victims with pain, numbness, and changes in how the body reacts to and experiences sensations.

What is an attractive nuisance?

If readers of this blog have ever spent time with children, then they know that they can be impulsive. Children often follow their whims and not the rules, and sometimes their energetic tendencies lead them into situations where they could face danger. Property owners have a particular duty to keep children safe by ensuring that attractive nuisances on their property are appropriately managed.

An attractive nuisance is a property feature that would be interesting to a child and may cause that child to go onto the property of another to see it. A swimming pool may be considered an attractive nuisance, and so, too, may a fountain, set of stairs or a tunnel.

Why do eucalyptus branches fall?

A eucalyptus is a stunning, beautiful tree that towers over any property and instantly enhances the curb appeal. They grow in a lot of different areas and climates, so these hearty trees make it easy to keep them growing strong year after year. They are well-loved for their huge canopies and wide-spread branches.

Unfortunately, these branches can also be incredibly dangerous. When they fall, the size and weight can make them deadly to those on the ground.

Know the law when it comes to a dog bite

It can be hard to imagine a cuddly pet dog as anything other than a member of one's family, but it sometimes takes an act of aggression on the part of the creature to remind their owner that they are, in fact, an animal. Animals can be unpredictable and, therefore, should be trained by their owners to prevent them from attacking. When dogs and other animals bite, their victims may have legal options for seeking recovery of their damages.

In California, there are several circumstances that may lead a victim to pursue damages for dog bites and attacks. One set of circumstances involves the presence of the victim on the land of the dog's owner. If the victim was on the owner's land legally, then the owner of the land may be liable to the victim for the harm their pet caused.

You have rights as the victim of a motor vehicle accident

No one wants to deal with the hassles that come with being involved in a car accident, but many California drivers are pulled into this difficult process against their will. This happens when they are the victim of an accident. For some, motor vehicle accidents may mean dealing with insurers to get their vehicles fixed. For others, car accidents may mean serious injuries that may affect them for the rest of their lives.

A car accident can damage a person's property, hurt a person's body, and stress a person's mind. Cumulatively, all these can be significantly difficult for a victim to overcome on their own. They may not know how they will pay for the medical care they require or how they will even begin to pursue compensation from the negligent party who created the chaos in their life.

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